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This template returns the "content language" of the current page; more precisely it checks if the current title ends with a language code, and if it is the case it returns this language code, else {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} (the default content language; on this wiki: "en" for English).

Do not use this template in newsletters and messages to be sent using MassMessage! It does not exist outside UnMeta. Use the {{PAGELANGUAGE}} instead.


  • on "Bar/foo", this template returns "en";
  • on "Bar/foo/hu", this template returns "hu".

(Note: there could be false positive: e.g. on "Foo/bar" it returns "bar" because "bar" is the language code for Bavarian; "foo" is not a language code; very small (2 or 3 letters) last words can be a problem as seen here.)

This template takes no argument, and acts as a magic word. If such a magic word is created in MediaWiki (see phabricator:T59603), this template could be deleted.